Tablet Release Notes v137

The Ocean Tablet release v137 includes the following improvements:

  • Added support for configurable completion screen messages in kiosk mode; some clinics would like tablet to say "please take a seat" and others will want "please go to reception" as the final message. Note that you can provide your customized message in multiple languages using same approach as intro screen fields.
  • Added support for configuration option in tablet settings to skip on-demand forms for a tablet group, e.g. as you might want to do for a simple check-in kiosk, i.e. even if there are forms waiting for a patient, don't display them in that tablet session.
  • Fixed an issue that caused numeric sliders with first point value of anything other than 0 from missing the first choice as an answer as first selected by patient, i.e. the note would be skipped. For example, if a slider went from 1-5, and the patient chose 1 right away (i.e. without choosing anything else first), the response would be ignored.
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