Tablet Release Notes v134

The Ocean Tablet release 134 contains the following:

  • A red warning message is added to each form note that was not confirmed complete by a patient who clicks the "quit" button (only relevant for clinics that enable the "quit" button for patients)
  • Improvements to robustness of form/appointment reminder handling, so that reminders can survive tablet crashes/restarts.
  • Improve version tracking so that "tablet update reminders" are disabled as soon as the app starts after upgrade (previously, you had to run through a patient encounter before the server was notified of the upgrade, so the nag emails would continue until that happened for each tablet).
  • Added another check for newly queued forms for a patient; previously, if the first form was added via the EMR while the patient was on the demographic review form, the tablet would not see it & complete the session.
  • We added a bit of text to the "install Ocean Connect" menu option to make it clear that this is required for Accuro clinics only.
  • Tweaked the tamper-proofing security code to be less likely to trigger during an Android upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause numeric scales to be updated inadvertently while patient is scrolling (particularly on small screens).
  • Support for password lockout messages from the server.
  • Improved recovery behaviour after crashes (you should get less "flicker" and we will get less error reporting noise).
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurs for mysterious reasons on the completion screen about 1/10,000 uses.
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