Configure eForm Favourites

Favourites are a great way to make it fast and easy to access your most-used forms. You can configure your eForm Favourites in the eForms view of the Ocean Portal.

Setting An eForm Favourite Favourite Groups Deleting or Renaming Favourites
  • From the eForms view of the Ocean Portal, click on the "Favourites" section (selected from the menu along the left). Select "Add Favourite".
  • Search for the form(s) you would like to add as a favourite by using basic keywords or form names.
  • Note: Forms created by other sites will not be searchable from this window unless they have been imported to your site. Please refer to "Sharing & Importing eForms between Ocean Sites" for detailed instructions on importing forms.
  • After you find the form you wish to use as a favourite, click to select it. The form will automatically appear alphabetized in your favourites list.
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