Tablet Release Notes v152

The Ocean Tablet release v152 includes the following:

  • New feature: in kiosk mode, the tablet will now show a timeout warning after 30s and do a hard timeout after another 30s of inactivity.
  • The tablet will make a sound upon completion (so that the reception desk can be assured that the patient completed the encounter without being able to see the screen).
  • Added support for the new "mark as arrived" configuration in tablet settings so that the tablet will mark the patient as arrived in the EMR at the beginning or end of the tablet session (or not at all).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the HN province (if included on demographic screen) to be stamped into the patient's province in the EMR.
  • Added more instrumentation for OceanConnect (for Accuro clients).
  • Added some protection to prevent tablet crashes on null formula item scripts.
  • Added validation for the Ocean server host URL.
  • Added French translation for expired health card message after swipe.
  • Added better handling of bad health card swipes (e.g. if date isn't read properly).
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