Tablet Release Notes v150

The Ocean Tablet release version 150 contains the following fixes:

  • Support for detecting expired Ontario health cards after a swipe, including logic to automatically update the EMR record when appropriate (i.e. if the HC expiry is blank in the EMR, or the expiry on the swipe is newer; in both cases, it will also update the VC automatically).
  • Tablets will now detect multiple subsites in an Ocean site and prompt the user to choose one. This will help avoid cases in which a tablet is left registered against the default subsite, which can create a bit of a mess at invoice time.
  • Tablets will now warn the registering user when a duplicate tablet name is already registered to help avoid situations in which a factory-reset tablet generates a new ID and is redundantly registered.
  • SSL handshake errors (usually when clock is reset and tablet thinks it's 1970) will now show what the tablet thinks is the correct time in addition to date.
  • Tablet will reset to the tablet's default language properly after each patient encounter instead of English.
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