Tablet Release Notes v159

The Ocean Tablet release v159 is a major release that includes the following:

  • New walk-in support! Now with an integrated EMR, the Ocean Tablet will allow patients to check-in and complete rule-based forms (e.g. reason for visit!) even if they don't have an appointment, and it will add the patient to a walk-in provider schedule when complete. Note that you need the latest OceanConnect app as well for this functionality (as well as your EMR providers API enabled).
  • We've added a new script function "pt.hasOnDemandForms()" that will allow you to inspect a patient to see if a clinician has picked forms for this patient already. This is especially useful for kiosk mode tablets that don't necessarily want to block the queue for a patient's specially chosen forms (or forms that the patient failed to complete at home beforehand).
  • Kiosk mode can now block late patients! If you want your patients to present at the reception desk when more than X minutes late, you can now do this via tablet settings in the web portal.
  • Disabled the tamper-proofing check when tablet is in dedicated OceanConnect mode (so it doesn't deregister unexpectedly due to automatic software upgrades).
  • Minor change to shared key entry screen button labels for clarity.
  • Added script call pt.getApproxAgeInDays()
  • Fixes to the @ptRxFriendly keyword logic to handle null treatment/med fields (provided by some EMRs) more gracefully.
  • Minor changes to improve error reporting diagnostics.
  • Changed tamper-proofing logic to ignore TeamViewer, which is used by CognisantMD staff to troubleshoot remotely.
  • Fixed the French translation for street number.
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