When does my Referrer Information get auto-populated on the referral form?

  • When sending an eReferral/eConsult through the Ocean Healthmap for the first time, the 'Referrer's Information' section at the bottom of the referral form will be blank.

    If you are not already signed in to your Ocean user account, use the 'Sign In' button above the empty fields to sign in to your Ocean user account.

  • After signing in, the 'Referrer's Information' fields will be automatically populated using the Clinical Contact Information saved within your Ocean user account.
  • If you have not yet saved your Clinical Contact Information within your Ocean user account, the 'Referrer's Information' fields will remain blank on the referral form, even after signing in.

    In this case, you must complete the fields manually before sending the eReferral/eConsult.

  • After your first eReferral/eConsult has been sent while signed in to Ocean, the 'Referrer's Information' you entered on the referral form will be automatically saved as the 'Clinical Contact Information' for your Ocean user account, and will be automatically populated for subsequent eReferral/eConsults that you send.

    Note: This information will be saved as your one-time manually-entered Clinic Location. If you have multiple sets of contact information, you can create additional Clinic Locations within your Ocean user account.

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