Tablet Release Notes v154

The Ocean Tablet release v154 includes the following:

  • Tablets in kiosk mode will no longer display a "no note generated" note if no note is generated (i.e. because no forms were completed, or because the forms were left blank) to reduce clutter in charts for clinics with lots of kiosks and not always many forms.
  • Minor fix to display of "subsite" picker on registration to look nicer, and the registration screen now lists price as $55/month to be consistent with our new pricing (which doesn't actually go into effect for existing clients on Oct 1, 2017 -- don't panic).
  • The language will be captured in the form completed audit records (visible in the web portal under Admin->Reports).
  • Yes/no/not-sure items will be rendered on two lines always to ensure they look better on lower-end tablets.
  • Language buttons (i.e. when you have exactly two languages configured on the tablet) will keep a "pressed state" on the buttons so patients have visual feedback.
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