Tablet Release Notes v138

The Ocean Tablet release v138 contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • New feature: healthcare swipe support! A long-requested feature, now you can connect a USB magstripe reader to the tablet in kiosk mode and swipe a health card instead of entering it on the keypad. If you want to try this out, you'll need MagTek card reader model #21073145. (Some MagTek readers have a level of encryption that limits their use to credit cards, so make sure you get this make and model.) If you are in Canada, it's about $70 and you can order it from TigerDirect here. Note that you will also likely need a USB adapter cable like this one, although depending on whether your tablet has DC power in, you might need a USB adapter cable that can charge your tablet as well as connect to the reader.
  • This release also includes a critical stability fix for OceanConnect mode tablets that addresses an issue where the tablet would fail to connect after any sort of network outage.
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