Using Ocean with a Non-Integrated EMR: At A Glance

  1. Connect to the Ocean Portal & Decrypt Your Patients
  2. Enable Patient Form Completion
  3. Import Notes from the Ocean Portal into Your EMR
    • Once your patient has filled out some forms, you can import the resultant Ocean-generate notes into the corresponding patient's chart in the EMR.

Connect to the Ocean Portal & Decrypt Your Patients

  1. Connect to the Ocean Portal.

    • Start by connecting to the Ocean Portal at
    • Log in using your ocean username and password.
    • Once you've logged in, you should see the Ocean Portal. We recommend you bookmark this page on multiple computers for easy access in the future.
    • You can learn more about all of the customizable settings in the Ocean Portal tabs in our Guide to the Ocean Portal.
  2. Create your Shared Encryption Key.

    • To use Ocean with your patients, your site must first choose a shared encryption key, which is a secure key that Ocean sites use to safely and securely exchange patient data. You should only proceed to set up this key if you are an authorized representative of your clinic.
    • Refer to the article The Shared Encryption Key for more information and detailed instructions about how to set it up.
  3. Decrypt and view your patients.

    • Once you've created your encryption key, you can upload your patients into Ocean.
    • In the Patients tab a complete set of the patients you've uploaded to Ocean should be listed.
    • If this is the first time that you are logging in to Ocean on a specific device, when you first load the page all your patients are listed as “encrypted”. Simply click the "Enter Your Shared Encryption Key" button and type in your key to decrypt your patients.
    • Once you've entered your key, all of the patients should appear in the list unencrypted (i.e. with patient names visible) within your browser.
    • Note: The shared encryption key is stored privately within your current browser on the current computer. Any other computers that attempt to access the Ocean Portal will also require this key to be entered. With this in mind, it might be worthwhile now to set up all of the other computers that will access the Ocean Portal (you will only need to enter this key once on each computer when you log in to Ocean for the first time on that device).

Enable Patient Form Completion

Once your Ocean Portal has been set up, you can start creating your patients in Ocean using the "New Patient" button, located in the Action menu at the bottom left of the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal.

After you've created your patients, you can either:

Import Notes from the Ocean Portal into Your EMR

Note: If you are using the TELUS PS Suite, QHR Accuro, or OSCAR, Ocean-generated clinical notes will download automatically into your patients’ charts.

  • Find the patient in the list that you would like to import (you may optionally use the browser’s Find feature to search for the patient’s name).
  • Click on the patient. You should see the note appear, pre-selected (highlighted) for quick copying.
  • Copy the note text to your clipboard (Command-C on a Mac or Ctrl-C on Windows).
  • Open your EMR and prepare to add a new progress note to the patient.
  • Paste the note text (Command-V on a Mac or Ctrl-V on Windows). Save your note (if required). The note should now be accessible and searchable within your EMR.