Can I assign an eReferral to be reviewed by someone on my Ocean Site?

Note for Ontario Users: In Ontario, Ocean eConsults are currently in a limited release. For more information on eConsult in Ontario as part of the Ontario eServices Program, please review the Overview of eConsults in Ontario article.

Yes, Ocean has built-in functionality to allow you to easily assign an eReferral for review by another user on your Ocean site.

This is helpful for triaging, organizing, and actioning incoming eReferrals. An eReferral can be flagged for review at any time during the referral process, allowing for appropriate reviewal even before deciding to accept or decline it.

Please expand the appropriate tab below to learn more about each side of the assigning and reviewing process:

Steps to Flag an eReferral for Review
  1. Locate and Open your eReferral

    • Start by logging in to the Ocean Portal.
    • Navigate to the eReferrals area by opening the 'Menu' and selecting 'eReferrals'.
    • Locate the eReferral that you wish to flag for review by using the folder categories or the search bar. Open the eReferral by clicking on it.
  2. Flag the eReferral for Review

    • After opening the eReferral, locate the 'Needs review' field in the bottom left.
    • Clicking inside the text box presents a list of users on your Ocean site. Select the user that you wish to notify. Alternatively, type their name to automatically filter the list.
    • Once you have selected your desired user, the 'Notify' button will appear. Press it to send an email notification to the user you selected, indicating that their reviewal is required.

      Note: To assign an eReferral for review without triggering an email notification, simply press 'Save & Close' after selecting a user.

    • A confirmation message will appear on screen confirming that an email notification has been sent, and the email address that it was sent to.

      Note: The email notification will be sent to the Email Address listed in the reviewer's Ocean user account settings.

    • An example of the email that the reviewer will receive can be seen by expanding the image on the right.
    • Press 'Save & Close' to close the eReferral.
    • The eReferral will be moved into the site-wide 'Needs Review' folder. It will also appear in the 'For Me' folder of the assigned reviewer.
Steps to Review an eReferral Flagged for Your Review
  1. Locate and Open your eReferral

    • Open the assigned eReferral by clicking the 'View the eReferral' button in the notification email.
    • Alternatively, if the eReferral was assigned to you without an email notification, locate the eReferral in the 'For Me' folder.
  2. Review the eReferral

    • The 'Review' panel within the eReferral will automatically open for physician users. For non-physician users, this panel can be accessed by selecting the speech bubble icon in the 'Notes' area, and pressing 'Review...'.
    • Assign a priority level to the eReferral and any additional comments.
    • Complete the review process by selecting one of the options below:
1. Request Decline
Stamps a simple note into Notes pane indicating that the eReferral should be declined, and moves the eReferral into the folder it was previously in. The eReferral should then be manually declined by the next user actioning it.
2. Save
Stamps a summary note of the review into the Notes panel.
3. Reviewed
Stamps a summary note of the review into the Notes panel, completes the reviewal process, and moves the eReferral into the folder it was previously in.
4. Reviewed Arrow
Provides additional options for completing the reviewal.
'Review and Accept' completes the reviewal process, and moves the eReferral into the 'Pending Booking' folder. Note: This option is only available if the eReferral has not already been accepted.
'Review and Decline' completes the reviewal process, and moves the eReferral into the 'Declined' folder.

Quick Tip

  • The 'Enable Review Mode' toggle button in the bottom left corner can be used to expedite the process for reviewing eReferrals.
  • When review mode is enabled and there are multiple outstanding eReferrals for review, the 'Reviewed & Close' button in the bottom center of the eReferral is replaced with a 'Reviewed & Next' button, allowing you to quickly move into the next outstanding eReferral without having to manually close and open each time.
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