How do I update my Clinician Type?

The Clinician Type field in the User Settings page is relevant when sending an eReferral, as it will appear in the "Referrer's Information" field at the bottom of the referral form.

A user's Clinician Type also has an impact on their ability to be designated as a Primary Delegate for another Ocean user. Being a Primary Delegate allows a user to share the Patient Messaging and Reminders License of a licensed Ocean user.

The user who is being assigned as the Primary Delegate must have one of the following Clinician Types to be successfully set as a Primary Delegate: MOA/Secretary, Nurse, Resident, Physician Assistant or Other.

To update your Clinician Type:

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click your name in the top right corner and select "My Account".
    • Scroll to the bottom of the User Settings page, and update the Clinician Type field at the bottom by clicking on the dropdown menu.

      Reminder: Clinician Types that are eligible to be set as a Primary Delegate are MOA/Secretary, Nurse, Resident, Physician Assistant or Other.

    • Once you have updated your Clinician Type, ensure that you press the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.
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