Med Access: Which Cell Number does Ocean use for Text Message Reminders?

Med Access has the ability to store multiple mobile numbers in the Phone List of a patient's chart (e.g. "Personal - Cell", "Work - Cell", "Home - Cell").

For Text Message Reminders, Ocean will send a text message to the last "Cell" number in the Phone List and send an email to the last email address in the Phone List. If a patient denies text message consent, we recommend storing the mobile number as a different Phone Type 'Group' (e.g. "Home - Phone", "Work - Phone" or "Other").

The image below shows that the last "Cell" number will receive the Text Message Reminder, and that the last email address will receive the email.

Important Note about Multiple "Cell" Type Phone Numbers

Please note that when a patient chart has multiple "Cell" type phone numbers, it is important to distinguish the proper phone number which should have Text Messages reminders sent to it. This is done within Med Access by specifying the Sequence Number for each phone number, as shown below.

  • Open the patient's chart and navigate to the Demographics tab. Under the "Address & Phone" section, select Phone List.
  • Opening the Phone List displays the list of all phone numbers and emails. To view the Sequence Number for a listed number, press the Edit icon on the right hand side. This will open the Update Phone window.
  • Within the Update Phone window, the Sequence Number for the phone number you selected can be seen in the bottom right corner.
  • Ensure that the Sequence Number for the specific Cell type number that you would like Text Message Reminders to send to is higher than the Sequence Number for any other Cell type numbers. Ocean will send the Text Message Reminder to the Cell type number with the highest Sequence Number.
  • For example, if a patient has a listed "Personal - Cell" with the Sequence Number of "1", while their "Work - Cell" has a Sequence Number of "2" (or greater), Ocean will send the Text Message Reminder to the "Work - Cell" number, since it has a higher Sequence Number.
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