Adding Appointment Details to eReferrals

Learn how to add appointment details to eReferrals in order to update patients and referring providers with appointment dates, times, mediums, and other scheduling details.

  • Appointment information can be added, edited, or removed by referral recipients at any point in an eReferral's lifecycle.
  • Most commonly though, this is done from the Pending Booking folder of the eReferrals & eConsults view.
  • From the referral list, users can click to open the referral that requires updating and navigate to the Scheduling pane. Here, details such as appointment date and time can be added and saved on the referral. This information can also be pulled in directly from the EMR.
  • Updates to the Scheduling pane will result in automatic email notifications being sent to the patient (if the patient provided email consent), the referring provider, and any other stakeholders on the referral (such as a Central Intake site).
  • Examples of Patient Booking Notification emails can be found here.
  • Steps for updating the Scheduling pane are outlined below:
PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR OSCAR Pro Other EMR
    • If you are using PS Suite, you can book appointments for patients in the PS Suite scheduler as usual.

      Once the appointment has been added, you can navigate to the patient chart and launch the Ocean eReferral Appointment Notification Custom Form to pull the appointment details onto the eReferral.

      Please see Advanced Features for Sending Appointment Notifications for detailed steps on this workflow.

    • If you are using Med Access, you can add the appointment to the EMR schedule as usual, but you will need to manually update the eReferral in Ocean.

      This can be done by opening the patient's chart, pressing the 'Launch' button, selecting 'View Patient' on the 'Ocean by CognisantMD' extension module to launch into the Patient's Dashboard, and opening the appropriate referral.

  • In the Scheduling pane of the eReferral, choose the appropriate Appointment Label. These labels can be configured on your directory listings, as outlined in Step 4 of this set up guide.

Note: If the appointment date and time was pulled in directly from the EMR in Step A, move to Step E. Otherwise, continue on to Step C.

  • If adding the appointment manually, click into the appointment Date field to pop up the calendar date picker. Select a date to populate the field.
    • If adding an appointment time manually, click into the Time field and make a selection from the time dropdown.

Note: You can start to type in a time to shorten the list of options to choose from. This time dropdown is also configurable for your site, and can be edited by following this set up step. 

  • Click the Medium dropdown and select how the appointment will occur. This dropdown will default to In Person, at the address of the Directory Listing that the referral belongs to.

Note: If the "In Person (Alternate Location Specified in Booking Comments)" is selected, you will be prompted to add details to the booking comments before saving the referral.

  • If confirming the date and time with the patient at the time of booking the appointment, check off the Confirmed box. This will move the referral to the Booked Confirmed folder. If leaving it to the patient or referring provider to confirm the appointment, leave the Confirmed box unchecked, and the referral will move to the Booked Unconfirmed folder in the portal, at the time of saving. 

Note: The bottom of the Scheduling pane will indicate whether the patient will receive the notification by email, or if they need to be notified separately.

If the patient or stakeholder on the referral confirms the appointment, the user and time of the confirmation will be automatically stamped in the scheduling pane. If Accuro or OSCAR Pro were used to update the appointments on the eReferral, the confirmation update will also automatically update the EMR's scheduled appointment state to confirmed.

  • To add another appointment to the Scheduling pane, click the "+" icon on the right hand side and repeat the steps outlined above. To cancel or remove an appointment from the eReferral, select the "-" icon to the right of the appointment. See this support article for further details.
  • If there is additional information regarding the appointment(s) you would like to share with the patient and stakeholders on the eReferral, you can type in Booking Comments. Alternatively, use the canned booking comments feature to add in a set of standard information. Canned booking comments can be setup by following this guide.
  • Booking Attachments can be added by clicking the paperclip icon in the Scheduling pane. These will be included in the patient booking email notifications.
  • Select Save or Save and Close to save your booking changes and trigger the email notifications to the referrer and patient.
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