Routing Patient Authenticated Website Forms to a Provider

Multi-provider clinics receiving inbound messages and content from patients can benefit from being able to identify and route the submission to the relevant provider. This article describes the steps for adding the provider's name to the website eForm and routing the website form submission to a specific provider for review.  

1. Identifying the Patient's Primary Provider

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  • For PS Suite users, the name of the 'Patient's MD/NP', as assigned within your clinic's EMR, will appear in the Priority column automatically. 

2. Routing To A Specific Provider

    • Administrative staff can review website form submissions in the Ocean portal and route submissions to specific providers. These providers must be an Ocean user on the Ocean site to review these website form submissions. The website form submission will appear in the "For Me" folder of the intended Ocean user.

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal. Click the Menu button and select "Website Forms". Check for new submissions in the "New" inbox. 
    • Click on a website form submission. In the 'Needs Review' option at the bottom-left of the website form page, access a drop-down list of providers associated with your site.
    • Select the intended provider and click the 'Notify' button

3. Reviewing website form submissions (as a provider)

    • The provider will receive an email notification that the website form submission has been assigned to them.
    • When the provider logs into Ocean and access the Website Form view, they can select the "For Me" folder in the left side bar to display the website form submissions routed to them.

For guidance on how to view the attachment submitted by the patient and how to import website form submissions and attachments into the EMR, please see this article.

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