Configure your Site to Automatically Mark Booked Referrals as Closed*

If you are a receiving site that accepts and books eReferrals, you may want set your site to automatically close referrals a certain number of days after the latest appointment.

This is an an optional part of setting up eReferrals. You must be an Admin user at your Ocean site to configure these settings.

If you are a receiving site that accepts eReferrals, and would like to configure your site to automatically close booked referrals, follow the steps outlined below. This will allow your site to automatically move referrals to the Completed folder without having to manually open and mark them as Complete.

  • Open the Menu and select the Admin option. 
  • Choose the Site Features option on the left and check off the setting "Automatically mark booked referrals as closed". This will trigger Ocean to run a scheduled job every night to look at ALL referrals sitting in the Booked Confirmed and Booked Unconfirmed folder of your site, and close them.
  • Select the number of days for when you would like Ocean to close the referral, based on how long ago the latest appointment on the referral was.

Note: Any referrals that have their latest appointment more than the number of days ago specified, will be marked as closed. Therefore, you'll want to ensure the number of days chosen provides your site with enough time to appropriately update referrals as "No Shows", or add additional appointments/slots to referrals that will be booked again.

  • Save changes.
  • Once the scheduled job is run, closed eReferrals will be moved to the Completed folder of your Ocean site. An automated message will be added to the messaging pane to inform all stakeholders that the referral was closed automatically.
  • An "Automatically closed" event will be added to the Event log with the date and time that the scheduled job was run.
  • If any referrals were closed incorrectly, the "Mark Incomplete" button can be used to move them back to the Booked folders.
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