Sending an eReferral/eConsult with Attachments from OSCAR Pro using the Consultations Workflow


These steps are for Oscar WELL EMRs, using Oscar Pro. Please ensure you have enabled Ocean Cloud Connect using the following setup guide.

The following workflow can be used to initiate an eReferral using the Oscar Consultations screen. This workflow will allow for Documents to be attached directly from the patient's Encounter chart on to the Ocean eReferral.

  • Enter the patient's Encounter chart and open the Consultations window.
  • Select "Attach File to Consultation". Check off the desired Document files from the patient's chart, that you would like included on the eReferral, then choose "Done Close Window".
  • The chosen attachments will now appear in the left hand side of the Consultation window. After confirming the list is correct, click the "Refer" button in the top right hand side of the Consultation window.
  • Note: The Consultation Window will automatically close after the Refer button is selected. Any text added to the Consultaton window will NOT pull on to the Ocean eReferral. Therefore do not make any further edits in this window, beyond simply adding the attachments.
  • The Ocean Healthmap will launch in a new browser window, passing over the patient information from Oscar which includes demographics, allergies, medications, and attachments etc. Search for the desired referral target and send an eReferral as outlined in the following guide.
  • Note: You can click the "eye" icon to preview the attachment, or click the "x" to remove it from the referral.
  • After sending the referral, close the healthmap window and return to the patient's Encounter chart. A copy of the sent referral will be automatically downloaded in the patient's Documents. A Consultation for the requested health service offering will have been added, and the Ocean Toolbar will be updated to link to the active eReferral now associated with that patient.
  • The Document will contain a rich text note summary of the information included in the referral.
  • The Consultation will include the service requested and the name of the Consultant (listing name) that the eReferral was directed to. It will also include a copy of the referral note under Pertinent clinical information, and any Medications and/or Allergies included with the referral.
  • The link on the Ocean Toolbar can be clicked at any time to view the Patient's Dashboard in Ocean, and check in on the status of their active referrals.

Adding Attachments After a Referral is Sent

If you would like to directly upload an attachment from the patient chart to an eReferral after it has already been sent (versus attaching it at the time of sending), you can follow the steps below.

  • Provided that the initial eReferral has already been sent, enter the patient's chart and access the pre-existing Consultation on the left hand side.
  • Within the Consultation, select Attach File to Consultation.
  • Select the checkbox next to the document(s) that you wish to send, and press Done Close Window.
  • Within the Consultation window, press Edit on Ocean. This will launch you into the Ocean eReferral. Within the Consultation window, you can also see the currently attached file(s).
  • Within the Ocean eReferral, press Add Attachments... to select the document(s) which we chose previously.
  • With your attachment(s) added, you can include a message if desired, and press Send on the right hand side to send it to your recipient.
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