What File Types and Sizes can be Added as Attachments to eReferrals?

When including attachments on eReferrals, there are certain file size and type limitations that referring providers should be aware of.

  • For example, Ocean will only accept attachments with a size limit of 10MB per attachment, and up to 50MB total for all attachments included on the eReferral. If an attachment that exceeds this file size limit is added to the referral, the following error will appear:
  • Ocean also has a limitation on certain file types. Only attachments of the following types can be included on the referrals: "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "tiff", "tif", "mp3", "mp4", "txt", and "pdf". If a non-compatible file type is added to the referral, the user will be prompted with an error similar to the following:
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