What File Types and Sizes can be Added as Attachments to eConsults and/or eReferrals?

Note for Ontario Users: Ocean eConsults are currently unavailable in the province except for a limited pilot program.

When including attachments on eConsults and/or eReferrals, there are certain file size and type limitations that providers should be aware of.

  • For example, Ocean will only accept attachments with a size limit of 10MB per attachment, and up to 50MB total for all attachments included on the eConsults and/or eReferral. If an attachment that exceeds this file size limit is added, the following error will appear:
  • Ocean also has a limitation on certain file types. Only attachments of the following types can be included: "jpg", "jpeg", "png", "tiff", "tif", "mp3", "mp4", "txt", and "pdf". If a non-compatible file type is added the user will be prompted with an error similar to the following:
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