What does the "Copy status updates to" setting do on an eReferral?

When a referral is first sent or when it is updated, the user can specify additional stakeholders for the referral. The stakeholders must exist as directory listings within the Ocean Health Map.

The "Copy results to" stakeholders can be automatically notified regarding important referral status changes, such as a booking or a cancellation.

The stakeholders are shown in the following areas:

  • The Referral Notification Sheet, which is used to help sites notify other offline sites via Fax
  • The Referral Record
  • The Referral Note
  • The electronic view of the referral
  • The list of electronic message recipients in the Messages tab of the referral (if the stakeholder listing has been claimed by an Ocean site)

When a referral's status changes, Ocean determines how each stakeholder should be notified.

Stakeholder listings that have been claimed by an Ocean site are notified automatically via a notification email sent from Ocean, similar to how referrers are notified in the Ocean eReferral Network.

Stakeholder listings that have not been claimed by an Ocean site cannot be notified via an Ocean email or be sent results electronically via Ocean. Consequently, the referral and its associated information must be faxed to the listing or sent in some other manner. Similarly, when a referral with one of these "offline" stakeholder listings is updated by a user, Ocean informs the user that a manual notification is necessary for the listing. Users can send these manual notifications by printing the "Fax Notification Sheet" and faxing it to the recipient.

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