OSCAR Pro: Link Your OSCAR EMR to Ocean

Prerequisite: For OSCAR Pro (WELL Health) Clients

There are a few steps that WELL Health must complete on your OSCAR Pro instance before getting started with Ocean. Please follow the steps and complete the form found on the following page: ocean.tips/oscar-pro-request. A CognisantMD team member will follow up with you.

Once your IT personnel or OSP have completed making the server-side configuration change to enable Ocean, the final step is to link your Ocean account with your OSCAR EMR.

  1. Access the Ocean eForm

    • Open your OSCAR EMR and click "Administration" to open the Administration Panel window.
    • From the Administration Panel window, click "Manage eForms" to open the eForm Library window.
    • Click the Ocean eForm. This will open the Ocean eForm window.
    • In the Ocean eForm window, click the Settings button, then click the Initial Configuration button.
  2. Link your OSCAR EMR to Ocean

    • You will be prompted to enter your Ocean account username and password. Once the requested information is entered, click the Next button.
    • You will now be prompted to enter your Ocean site number, shared encryption key, and OSCAR Server URL. Once the requested information is entered, click the Secure Sign In button.

      Note: Ensure that your OSCAR Server URL includes your EMR directory (e.g., the '/oscar' or equivalent component at the end of the URL).

      Record your OSCAR Server URL in your Ocean Credential Reference Card.

    • Close the Ocean eForm and eForm Library windows.
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