Testing Patient Reminders


To test Reminders, ensure your reminders are in Test Mode. This will ensure Ocean sends reminders to a test email address, instead of real patients.

Follow the steps below to enable Test Mode:

  • Login to the Ocean Portal. Click the Menu button and select Patient Reminders. Click Settings in the top right corner. Under the summary of your Patient Reminder Settings, click Edit Configuration.
  • Ensure you've configured all of your Patient Reminder settings. Under the Test Mode heading, ensure you've selected enabled from the drop down menu. Under the Test Mode Email, ensure you've entered an email to receive your test reminders. 

Text Message Reminders

Please note that we currently do not support Test Mode for text message reminders.

  1. Prior to testing your reminder(s)

    • When testing your reminders, please ensure you have at least one appointment booked in your EMR that meets the reminder rule(s) criteria. We recommend doing this with a test patient first.
    • If you are booking appointments in your EMR right away, keep in mind that Ocean syncs with your EMR every 30 minutes and therefore it may not recognize the newly created appointment right away. To trigger a manual sync, navigate to the Patients view in the Ocean Portal and click Synchronize Appointments under the Actions menu in the left side bar.
  2. Immediately test your reminder(s)

    • To directly test the reminder, click Force Send for that reminder rule. Ocean will process that reminder (it will look for appointments in your EMR that follow that reminder criteria), and with Test Mode on, it will simply redirect the emails to the Test Email address.
    • Note: If you have included eForms in your reminder email template, these eForms will be added to the patients queue to complete. This allows you to fully test the flow of receiving a reminder email, reviewing any secure messages and completing any eForms as a patient in order to see how the notes will appear in the patients chart. If you'd like to remove these eForms from the patients queue, navigate to the Patients view in the Ocean Portal and click on the patient. All eForms in their queue will appear with an option to delete (red icon).

    Passively test your reminder(s)

      • To test your reminders passively, ensure that the 'Enable Reminders' and 'Test Mode' settings are enabled. Each day, Ocean will automatically send reminder emails based on the time set under the Time of Day field, as long as matching appointments are found in the EMR that meet your rule criteria.
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