Batch Printing Received eReferrals

If your Ocean site receives referrals and would like to print or download a PDF copy to maintain with your patient records, this can be done using Ocean's batch print function.

If your Ocean site receives referrals that are not imported directly into an EMR, you can download or print pdf copies of them using the referrals' Action Menu. In some workflows, it may be easier to batch print multiple referrals within a list at once. This can be done using Ocean's batch print function, and the following steps:

  • Log in to the portal and navigate to the eReferrals & eConsults area.
  • Choose the folder of referrals you would like to print. If the referral status is not an element of the desired list of referrals to print, go to the All Received tab.
  • Apply any filters you would like to the list. This includes filtering by booking date, listing, health service offering, referring provider etc.
    • Click the Print Referrals button at the top of the referral list.

Note: Ocean will print all of the matching referrals in the current folder, not just the number of referrals displayed.

    • Confirm the number of referrals you would like to print is correct, and choose the Print button.

Note: Ocean can only print a maximum of 100 referrals at one time.

  • If you have more than 100 referrals listed, you'll be prompted with the following Error window. Click OK. Refine your filters as outlined in step C, to generate a list of under 100 referrals, and try again.
  • After selecting Print, a new window with a single generated PDF of all the referrals listed will appear. Choose the print button to print the full PDF.
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