Accepting brand new patients for online booking

Ocean can allow brand new patients who don't already have a chart in your EMR to book online. Unfortunately, the Telus API doesn't allow Ocean to create new charts in PSS or Med Access. This guide will walk you through how to configure your provider's schedule and your booking link to accept new patients to book online, and how to import the online booking notes into a new patient's chart after it's been created in your EMR.

Warning: Ocean can't create charts in PSS or Med Access EMRs

*Please note that Ocean can't create a new chart in Telus PS Suite or Med Access EMRs. Therefore, you will need to create "stub" charts for new patients and import any information captured in your booking link from Ocean's eRequest tab.
  1. Configure provider's schedule and booking link to accept new patients.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Navigate to the Admin Tab and select Online Booking from the left side bar.
    • Under Provider Schedules, click Edit next to the schedule you'd like to accept new patients.
    • In the Who is allowed to book into this schedule? field, select All Patients. Click Save.
    • Navigate back to your Online Booking Settings and click Edit next to the booking link you'd like new patients to use when booking online.
    • Ensure the box next to "Do you want to limit online booking to patients with a chart in your EMR?" is unchecked. Click Save.
  2. Create a "stub" chart in your EMR and import the online booking eRequest.

    • Login to the Ocean Portal. Navigate to the eRequest Tab. Use the drop down menu on the left side bar and select All - "your site name". All online booking appointments are recorded as eRequests in the Needs Review tab. Once you've found the eRequest for the new patient, click to see the full details of the eRequest.
    • Login to PSS and create a new record for this patient. PSS requires at minimum first name, surname, date of birth, sex and health card number. Copy this information from the eRequest in Ocean to the new patient record. Click Save.
    • Once you've created the new patient's chart, navigate back to the eRequest in Ocean. Click the Import into EMR button. Ocean look in your EMR for a matching health number and will import the details from the eRequest into the newly created patient's chart.
    • Navigate back to PSS. Find the new patient's appointment (it will have "HN not in EMR" in the details). You can now assign your new patient to this appointment.
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