How can I use Alternate IDs to check-in patients?

If your clinic uses non-health card number IDs (e.g., Student Card Numbers), you can use the 'Alternate ID' setting as the Check-in Type.


In order to utilize the Alternate ID check-in functionality, you must:

  • Be a PS Suite, Accuro, or OSCAR Pro EMR user.
  • Your device must be set to 'Kiosk Mode'.
  • Store the Alternate ID value under the relevant field in your EMR as shown below.
  • Alternate IDs must be numeric only, and unique to each patient.
PS Suite Accuro OSCAR Pro
  • In PS Suite, the Alternate ID value must be stored in the 'Chart number' field within the patient chart.

To Use Alternate IDs to Check-in at Kiosk:

  • Log into the Ocean Portal, open the 'Menu' in the top left corner, and select 'Tablets & Kiosks'.
  • Find the relevant device group and press 'Edit'.
  • Under the 'Check-In' tab, locate the 'Check-in Type' setting, and select 'Alternate ID'.

    If you are an Accuro EMR user, walk-in functionalities will be unavailable.

  • Press 'Save' in the bottom right corner.
  • Refresh or reboot the Ocean Tablet application on the device.
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