What do the different eReferral Action Menu Items mean?

  • The Action menu on an eReferral in the eReferrals View is used to action on and manage your site's eReferrals. Each action menu item is described here to help you process and manage incoming and outgoing eReferrals. 

Sender and Receiver Actions

Download Referral Record
Opens a PDF document of the complete referral record in a new browser tab where it can be printed and/or downloaded, OR it downloads a TIFF file (dependent on the site's settings configured here). This record includes all scheduling information, notes, messages, and attachments included on the Ocean eReferral.
Download Referral Note
Opens a PDF document of the referral note in a new browser tab where it can be printed and/or downloaded, OR it downloads a TIFF file (dependent on the site's settings configured here). This summary document only includes the patient, recipient, and referrer's information, as well as the contents of the referral note.
Download Patient Handout
Opens a PDF handout in a new browser tab that can be printed and provided to the patient. This handout includes patient information, recipient information (including a map of current referral location), future appointment information for the patient, as well as any booking attachments added to the eReferral.
Download Status Notification Sheet
Opens a PDF document in a new browser tab where it can be printed and/or downloaded. This document is directed to the referring provider, and can be used to notify them of any status updates if they are not yet on Ocean. It contains patient, recipient, referral status information, and any scheduling information present on the eReferral. 
Import into EMR
Triggers a new import of the referral into the integrated EMR.
Opens up a referral summary that can be copied and pasted into the patient's EMR. For integrated EMRs, this summary will be stamped automatically into the patient chart notes at the time of sending/receiving the referral.
View Event Log
  • Opens up an event log of the various actions that have occurred on the referral. The log includes the event type, date and time of occurrence, the user who actioned it, and the Ocean site and listing it was actioned from. The Event Log is also where the referral reference is found, and the referral purge date.
View Patient History
Used to review a patient's referral history. These include any referrals sent or received by the same Ocean site, for the same patient. If there are no previous referrals for that patient to review, you will not see this option in the Action menu.
Reclaim Ownership of Referral
When a referral has been revoked from a site, or declined at a site, the site will have the opportunity to reclaim ownership of the referral back to their site if they need to action on it further.
This option will be found on Cancelled or Declined referrals, and can be used to resubmit them to the site they were previously cancelled from, or declined at.

Sender Specific Actions

Cancel Referral

Used to cancel a referral. This option should only be chosen by the sender when a referral to the current provider is no longer necessary. When clicked the user is prompted for a reason for cancelling, and the referral is moved to the Cancelled folder of the sender site. The referral is also flagged for review by the recipient site, and can be found in their "Needs Review" tab with an automated message informing the site the referral was cancelled.

Note: This option will be called Cancel eConsult, if the referral has been responded to as an eConsult.

Receiver Specific Actions

  • This action allows you to forward the referral to another referral target, belonging to the same or different Ocean site. When clicked, the user is prompted to choose a listing from the Forward Referral pane, that pulls in listings from the Ocean Healthmap. Once the desired listing is selected, and the referral is forwarded, the referral will move to your site's "Forwarded (All)" folder where you can continue to access and receive updates regarding it.

Note: The referral can be electronically forwarded to listings on the Ocean eReferral Network (designated by the green arrow), or manually forwarded. If manually forwarded, you will be prompted to print and fax the referral before selecting the Forward option in Ocean.

Revoke Forward

This action is only available on Forwarded referrals. If you forwarded the referral in error, or it simply needs to be directed, you can revoke it back to your site. The action of revoking will move the referral back to your site's New tab. At the recipient site the referral will be flagged for review, with an Ocean automated message stating that the referral was revoked and the reason why, in both the Messaging and Notes pane. Any PHI will be scrubbed from the referral at that time.

Notes: if you attempt to revoke forward a referral that already has been scheduled at the receiving site, you will be prompted to ask the site to remove the appointment information before doing so, to prevent any booking confusion in the future. If you attempt to revoke forward a referral that has already had a subsequent forward, you will be prompted to reclaim ownership of that referral instead. This will also send an automated message to the recipient site, flagging the referral for review and informing them the ownership was reclaimed.

Add Related Referral
This allows you to create a copy of the referral, that can be assigned it's own health service offering and description, and be managed separately from the original referral.
Await Reply
This moves the referral to the "Awaiting Reply" tab, where it will sit until you receive the required information from the sending site (usually requested in a message on the referral), and can action on the referral further.
Mark as Test/Unmark Test
Used to flag whether this is a test referral or not. When marked as test, the referral is excluded from the site's referral analytics.
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