University of Calgary - eConsults Basic Workflow

Note for Ontario Users: Ocean eConsults are currently unavailable in the province except for a limited pilot program.

The workflow below is specific to users sending eConsults to the University of Calgary.

See below for a detailed step-by-step on how to set-up, send, and receive eConsults with Ocean. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Receiver of eConsult Sender of eConsult
  1. Accepting an eConsult

    • An email notification is triggered that there is a new eConsult. Sign into the Ocean Portal > eRequests Tab. On the left, filter to view by eConsult type. All new eConsults appear in blue in the "New" Tab.
    • Open the eConsult and review the information provided. If you wish to proceed with the eConsult, click "Accept".
    • Once you click “Accept”, a pop-window will appear, indicating that a new patient has been created in Accuro and a copy of the eConsult has been added to the patient file in the Virtual Chart > Documents folder. If a matching patient already exists in Accuro, the eConsult will be added to the existing patient record.
    • The eConsult will be moved to the "Accepted" Tab in the Ocean Portal.
  2. Responding to eConsult

    • Open the eConsult in the “Accepted” tab. If you need to email additional forms to the patient, click the letter icon which will prompt a email template window. To customize your default email template, see this guide: Patient Messages Templates
    • You can enter a response and add attachments in the "Messaging" field.
  3. Completing an eConsult

    • Once you have completed the eConsult, click "Complete" which will bring the eConsult to the "Completed" Tab. You can re-open any eConsult that was completed by marking it as "Incomplete", bringing it back to the "Accepted" Tab.
  4. Tracking your eConsult

    • You can track your eConsult and the exchanges within the eConsult in Accuro's Virtual Chart > Documents folder once the eConsult is marked "Complete".
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