Save Sent or Received Referrals as a Document Instead of an Encounter Note

In order to change this setting, you will need to be an Admin User of your Ocean site who can log in to Cloud Connect. You may also be prompted to re-authenticate your Accuro EMR with Cloud Connect, in order to access the documents features. If prompted, you can do so here.

  • Ocean makes it easy to configure where eReferrals, either sent or received to your site, are downloaded and saved in the patient's EMR chart. By default, referrals are saved in the Encounter Notes section of the patient chart.
  • However, you can choose to save them as a Document in the patient's Virtual Chart, with a custom Folder or Sub-Folder Type. This functionality is set within your site's Cloud Connect. It can be configured by following the steps outlined below.
  • Click the Edit Settings button in the Sync Status window.
  • In the settings window that pops up, scroll down to the Referrals section. If you're a referral sender, where it states "Save Sent Referrals As", choose Documents. If you're a referral recipient, where it states "Save Received Referrals As", choose Documents.
  • Under the Document selection choose the specific Folder you would like your sent or received referrals saved under. Then choose a Subfolder, if desired.
  • Quick Tip: Cloud Connect pulls from your EMR's existing list of folders. If you would like to add a custom folder for sent or received referrals, you must do so within Accuro first. One method of doing so is by selecting a patient, choosing EMR, Virtual Chart, and then Upload Document. Choose the Destination Folder dropdown, and at the top of the list select Manage. This will open the "Manage Patient Folders" window, where folders can be added, deleted, or edited. Go back into Cloud Connect when completed to locate and select this new folder.
  • Click Save. Referrals sent or received through Ocean will now download as a document under the specified Folder or Sub-Folder type. Received referrals, when saved as a Document, will include any attachments that were included with the referral.
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