Enabling Appointment Confirmation from Patient Reminders

When patients are sent Patient Reminder emails, staff can also use this opportunity to have patients confirm their upcoming appointments, which can then be synced back to the EMR.

How to enable appointment confirmations for Patient Reminders

    • Log into the Ocean portal
    • Navigate to the Admin tab
    • Select the Ocean Reminders menu option
    • Check off the "Enable Appointment Confirmation" box
    • Configure a new Patient Reminder (for details on creating new reminders, please consult this article)
      If existing reminders are already present, appointment confirmations will automatically be associated with those reminders
      • When configuring your reminder, you will be warned if the selected email template for the reminder does not contain the @apptDate, @apptTime and @providerName keywords. You can still send a template lacking this values, but for patient clarity and continuity, it is recommended your reminder template includes this information.
    • Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the Patient Reminders screen after you have finished making changes to your settings

How patients confirm their appointments via Patient Reminders

Once the "Enable Appointment Confirmation" option is activated, Ocean will include the following line at the bottom of the email message patients receive:

Please click on the link below to confirm your appointment:
Confirm Appointment

  • After verifying their date of birth, the patient will be presented with a screen confirming their most recent upcoming appointment date, time, and provider. Simply by viewing this message, the appointment is now confirmed.

  • If the reminder email also contains a secure message and/or Ocean eForms to complete, the patient can proceed by clicking "next" to access those additional materials.

Behind the scenes, Ocean syncs the confirmation back to the EMR and updates the patient's appointment status in the schedule.

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