List of Demographic Fields that do not Update in Accuro

Within Accuro, there are some demographic fields that do not automatically update when changed by the patient. The bolded items below do not automatically update:

firstName, surname, preferredName, secondName, maidenName, title, suffix, address, addressLine2Label, address2, city, province, country, postalCode, streetNumber, addr2Line1, addr2Line2Label, addr2Line2, addr2City, addr2Province, addr2Country, addr2Postal, birthDate, email, homePhone, businessPhone, businessPhoneExt, mobilePhone, pmoc, insuranceNumber, chartNumber, emergencyContact, emergencyContactPhone, emergencyContactRelationship, emergencyContactIsPoA, sex, hn, hnProv, hnVC, hnExpiryDate, hnEligibility, language, emailConsent, smoker, everSmoked, cigsPerDay, packYears, smokesCigars, smokesPipe, chewsTobacco, vapes, secondHandSmoke, drinksPerWeek

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