Adding a Support Site to Your Site

Support sites allow organizations you may be working with to access to your Ocean site and grants them administrative privileges to make changes within that site.

Current support sites include: TRC Tech Support, Centre for Effective Practice MAIN Site, WW SCA Support Team, NE SCA Support Team, ESC SCA Support Team, SE SCA Support Team, and Champlain SCA Support Team.

Only users with your shared encryption key will have access to the patient health information in your site.

  • Navigate to the Admin Settings page in the Ocean Portal.
  • Click on "Site Account" and under "Support Sites", enter the name of the support site you would like to add.
  • Ensure the name entered is the correct organization you would like to add then click "Add Support Site".
  • This site will then appear as a support site in the "Site Account" area of the Admin Settings page. You may click the x beside their name to discontinue their access to your site at any time.
  • Note: You may add more than one support site to your site.

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