How do I add a catchment area to my home-based health service offering in the Ocean Healthmap?

Any health service offerings for home-based services will allow you to add a catchment area to your listing. This will allow Ocean Healthmap users to locate the specific area where your services are available.

To add a catchment area to your directory listing, navigate to that listing in the Ocean Portal and complete the steps below.

    • Add a health service offering for home-based services, such as homecare servicespalliative homecare, meal services, and housekeeping to your listing. Click on that offering to view the offering details.
    • Click the "Specify..." button under Catchment Area.
    • Click the "New Shape" button in the top right corner of the map.
    • Adjust the boundaries of the catchment area by dragging the white circles to define the shape of the area. You can move and zoom in or out of the map displayed on the screen.
    • Click "OK" when you are satisfied with the shape of your catchment area.
    • The catchment area will be updated for this offering in your Ocean Healthmap directory listing.
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