Managing eReferral Wait Times

Ocean automatically calculates wait times on a nightly basis for each health service offering in your listings. Ocean uses eligible eReferrals sent over the past six months for the calculations.

Note: Some eReferrals are excluded from wait times if there are notes entered in the referral that indicate the appointment was delayed by patient availability. If there are any dates affecting readiness to consult and treat entered, those periods will be removed from the wait times as well.

To view the wait times for your directory listing(s), navigate to that listing in the Ocean Portal and complete the steps below.

    • Select the directory listing and health service offer that you would like to view the wait times for.
    • In the offer details, click the wait time next to Wait Time 1 or Wait Time 2 depending on which wait time you would like to view.
    • From this window, you can view Ocean's calculated wait times and the details about how they were calculated.
    • If you would like to specify a different wait time than the one that was calculated automatically, use the drop down menu beside Claimed Wait Time to choose the appropriate option.

Note: You can also view individual wait times using your eReferral Analytics.

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