PS Suite: How do I switch between Ocean sites on PS Suite?

  • If you want to switch your Ocean site on PS Suite, refer to the following steps:

    • Sign into PS Suite and open a test patient's chart.
    • Locate the Ocean toolbar and click on the Ocean logo to access the Ocean Custom Form.
    • Click on "Settings", you will be prompted to enter your Ocean account credentials.
    • Once your credentials have been validated, a popup window with multiple settings should appear, click on "Ocean Site Number".
    • Select the appropriate site or Add/Remove sites, then click "OK".

Note: Following these steps only changes the Ocean site for the computer being used. You will have to repeat these steps for other computers running PS Suite.

Removing Sites

  • If you are attempting to remove an Ocean site, you will be prompted to enter a permission code. Please contact us at and specify you are requesting the code to remove a site number from the Ocean Custom Form.

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