What do the icons and buttons in eReferrals mean?

When managing incoming eReferrals in the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal, you may encounter icons or buttons that you are unsure of. Below is a list of the various icons and buttons that may appear and their meaning.

Icons within the eRequests tab

Icon Definition
Column_sorting.png Column currently being sorted (and direction – ascending or descending).
Message.png There is a message associated with the eReferral.
View_prior_referrals.png View this patient's previous eReferrals.
Attachment.png There is an attachment associated with the eReferral.
Waiting_for_EMR.png This patient's chart in the EMR cannot be found and Ocean is waiting for the EMR.
Backup_exported.png A backup copy of the eReferral has been exported from Ocean.
Notes_downloaded.png The notes for this patient have been downloaded into the EMR.
Ready_for_download.png This patient has notes that are ready to be downloaded into the EMR.
Forwarded.png The eReferral has been electronically forwarded to an eReferral recipient.
Forwarded_by_fax.png The eReferral has been manually forwarded to a fax recipient.

Icons within the eReferral

Icon Definition
Edit_patient_details.png Edit patient level details (email, phone, address).
Requires_review.png A component of the eReferral requires review (message, referral note, etc.).
Reviewed.png A component of the eReferral that was previously requiring review has been reviewed.
Message_in_referral.png Add a canned note or Review/ Triage form to the eReferral. Select a canned booking comment when scheduling appointments. Select a canned message in the eReferral messaging pane.
Send_patient_note.png Send a patient note or resend patient appointment notification email.
Add_note.png Add a new note to the master eReferral (while viewing a child eReferral).
Analytics.png The eReferral will be included in wait time calculations, because a date booked comment has not been chosen.
Delete_attachment.png Delete an attachment that has been added to the appointment notification email.

Buttons within the eReferral

Button Definition
Accept.png Accepts the eReferral. If an appointment time is entered, the eReferral will move to your Booked Unconfirmed inbox (or Booked Confirmed if the Confirmed checkbox is selected). If no appointment time is entered, the eReferral will move to your Pending Booking inbox.
Accept_Reply.png Moves the eReferral from the Awaiting Reply inbox to the appropriate inbox based on the eReferral status.
Completed.png Indicates that the eReferral as complete and not requiring any further follow up. Will move the referral to your Completed inbox.
Decline.png Declines the eReferral and moves it to the Declined inbox. Clicking this will prompt you for the reason and an optional message that will be sent to notify the referrer.
Forward_Referral.png Forwards the eReferral to the selected site for further follow up. Moves the eReferral to your Forwarded (All) inbox.
OK.png Acknowledges that you have read and accept the text that is in the window.
Reviewed.png Indicates that the component of the eReferral requiring review has been reviewed. Will move the eReferral to the appropriate inbox based on the eReferral status.
Send.png Sends the message and any attached files to the referrer.
Cancel.png Closes the window without saving any changes and returns to the previous screen.

Saves changes made.

Note: The window will remain open when this option is selected.

Done.png Saves changes made and closes the window.

Saves changes made and closes the window. Will move the eReferral to the Awaiting Reply inbox.

Note: This option appears in a dropdown menu beside Done when a message is sent from the eReferral.


Notifies the selected provider that an eReferral requires their attention when flagging an eReferral for review.

Note: The referral must be saved in order for the notification to be sent.

Note: In the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal, hovering over each of the icons for a moment will also bring up a tooltip displaying the icon's meaning.

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