Set Up eReferral User Email Notifications (for Senders)

Configure which email addresses receive email notifications when eReferrals that you've sent are changed or updated.

This article describes locations where you can configure your email addresses for eReferral notifications when sending eReferrals. To learn more about the rules/logic that Ocean uses to determine which email address to send the eReferral notifications to, please refer to "Where do eReferral notification emails get sent to?".

  • Several email address can be configured in the "My Account" section of the Ocean Portal. These will be the email addresses of eReferral senders that get notified about changes in specific referrals that they have sent (e.g. booking updates).
  • You can access this section by signing in to the Ocean Portal, clicking on your name at the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting "My Account" from the Account Menu that appears.
  • From there, you can set which email address receives specific Ocean notifications.
Email Address
This is the personal email address associated with each user with an Ocean account.
Clinical Delegate Email
This is the email address that generally receives clinical notifications, such secure message notifications (patient responses, eForm completions, etc.).
Referral Notification Email
This is the email address of the referrer that will be sent referral notifications, such as eReferral booking updates.
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