PS Suite: Why am I seeing duplicate notes entered into patient charts?

This issue currently seems to be affecting PS Suite users only. If you are using another EMR and require assistance, please contact our support team directly at

We have received reports from some clients that information collected via Ocean Tablets has been generating duplicate (or even triplicate) notes in the patient's chart. As we continue to investigate this issue, we ask anyone experiencing this issue to first check the following:

1. Make sure the patient's chart is not open in PS Suite while the patient completes Ocean forms.

Occasionally this may cause issues with Ocean's automatic updating of the patient's chart in the EMR.

2. Enable OceanConnect mode in the Ocean Custom Form.

You will want to make sure OceanConnect mode is activated within your EMR so there is consistent communication between your tablets and PS Suite.

For instructions on correctly enabling Ocean Connect, please follow the steps outlined in: "Enable OceanConnect on Your Ocean Custom Form".

3. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Ocean Custom Form and Ocean Toolbar.

There was a timing issue in one of the older versions of the Ocean Custom Form, that was resulting in occasional duplication of notes. As a result, you will want to ensure that you are running at least v3.96 of the Ocean Custom Form and v5.11 of the Ocean Toolbar.

You can download the latest versions of the Ocean Custom Form and Ocean Toolbar in: "Download & Install the Ocean Custom Form and Toolbar".

4. Refrain from clicking the "Download" button on the Ocean Toolbar.

The Ocean Toolbar may display the "Download" button ahead of its normal automatic upload of patient information into the EMR. Clicking this "Download" button may cause Ocean to prematurely pull new data before OceanConnect has a chance to automatically download this same data, causing duplication of notes to occur when the automatic download does occur.

5. Refrain from inserting the Ocean Custom Form into the patient's chart.

If you were using Ocean prior to January 2018, you would have needed to insert the Ocean custom form into patients' charts to trigger their notes to download. It's important to note that the new connection to the TELUS API no longer requires you to do this. As a result, you will want to avoid clicking the Ocean logo on the Ocean Toolbar because this can trigger a note download, in a situation similar to above (#4), also resulting in multiple note entries.

If, after troubleshooting the above steps, the duplication issue is still persisting, please contact our support team at To help us with our troubleshooting process, please include the following information in your email:

  • How often does the issue occur? On a daily basis or infrequently?
  • How many patients are affected? Every single patient with an appointment or only a select subset of patients (e.g. only a certain doctor's patients)?
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