How do I get back to the health number page after setting up OceanConnect?

  • If you are running the OceanConnect app on your kiosk tablet, once you've finished setting up OceanConnect, you will want to return to the Ocean Tablet app so that it can accept health card numbers to allow patients to check in to their appointments.
  • However, when you open the Ocean Tablet app on a tablet that's also running OceanConnect, you will find that the Ocean Tablet app presents you first with an informational message about running OceanConnect on a patient-facing tablet.
  • To return to the screen to accept health numbers, simply select the "Disable OceanConnect Mode" and log in with your Ocean username and password.
  • This will allow patients to check-in at the kiosk, while the OceanConnect app still runs in the background.
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