Why aren't any health cards swiping successfully on my kiosk?

If you have ordered a your kiosk peripheral hardware items on your own (i.e. NOT directly through us), it is possible that you have ordered from the first generation of Magtek card readers.

Unfortunately, this first generation of card readers has trouble connecting to the Android 7 operating system, resulting in any of the following error message(s) repeatedly appearing on the tablet whenever any health card is swiped on the card reader.

Your health card cannot be validated. Please go to the reception desk.

We were unable to process your request. Please go to the reception desk.

Failed to read card. Please swipe your card again or type in your health number.

To get your card reader working properly with Android 7, you will simply need to do a quick "zap" of your card reader by plugging it into a Windows computer and following the steps outlined in: "Configuring Magtek Card Readers for Android 7".

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