How can I save an eReferral for completion at a later time?

There may be times where an Ocean eReferral is initiated, but further information is required before it can be completed and sent (e.g. physician is waiting on a prior imaging report, or lab result to include in the referral).

From the Referral From PS Suite
  • In these scenarios, the "Save for Later" function in the bottom left of the referral form can be clicked.
  • Clicking this provides a URL that you can use to access the referral again, for later completion. If you are not using an EMR, copy and store this link for later use.
  • For EMR users, a referral note with this URL will be automatically downloaded in the patient's chart notes. So you can simply click "OK" here and close out of the referral window.
  • To access the referral again, copy and paste the URL from the patient's chart notes into a new browser window.

Warning: This referral will only be saved for 30 days, so you'll need to complete the referral in that time frame. After 30 days, this URL can no longer be used, and you'll need to initiate the referral again.

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