How can I save an eConsult and/or eReferral for completion at a later time?

If you have initiated an eConsult/eReferral but you require additional information before it can be sent (e.g. physician is waiting on a prior imaging report, or lab result to include in the referral), you can use the 'Save for Later' functionality to temporarily save the incomplete eConsult/eReferral in Ocean, and then complete and send it later on.

Saving an eConsult/eReferral for Later

  • In these scenarios, press the "Save for Later" button in the bottom left corner of the referral window.

    Note: The incomplete consult/referral will only be saved in Ocean for 30 days, so you'll need to complete and send it within that time.

    After 30 days, the incomplete consult/referral will be purged from Ocean, and the URL can no longer be used. A brand new consult/referral would need to be initiated.

  • You will be provided with a URL that you can use later to access the incomplete referral.

    If your Ocean Site is integrated with your EMR, the URL will be automatically saved into the patient's chart for quick access.

    If your Ocean Site is not integrated with your EMR, copy and store this link in a safe place for later use.

Accessing an eConsult/eReferral that was Saved for Later

To access an eConsult/eReferral that was 'Saved for Later', copy and paste the URL from the patient's chart into a new web browser window. The table below shows where to find the URL within each integrated EMR.

  • Alternatively, you can access any referrals that have been 'Saved for Later' within the 'Incomplete' folder in the Ocean Portal.
PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR OSCAR Pro
  • In PS Suite, the URL is saved into the patient's chart as a new Progress Note.

Ocean Incomplete eReferral Custom Form (Optional)

  • Clicking "Save for Later"  will trigger this form to be added to the patient's notes in their chart in PS Suite.
  • From there, the "Resume Completing eReferral" button can be clicked to open the saved eConsult and/or eReferral form again, complete the form, and then send it (versus copying and pasting the URL into a new browser).
  • A PS Suite internal message (i.e. sticky note) will also be triggered to ensure it is completed.
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