Accuro: Updating your Accuro Ocean Username in OceanConnect

Please follow the instructions below if you are connected to the new Ocean API and have been asked to change your username to a unique username for your clinic.

  1. Open the OceanConnect app.

    • Select “Click here to authorize Ocean” to access the Accuro EMR REST API login page.
  2. Authorize Ocean through the Accuro EMR REST API with your new credentials.

    • Enter your QHR Accuro API credentials (tenant, username and password) and select "Log in".
    • Once authorization is complete, OceanConnect will automatically extract, encrypt and upload the next 7 days of appointments.
    • Back on the OceanConnect configuration page, the "Sync Appointments Now" button will now be available (i.e. it will be blue, instead of greyed out).
  • Note: If you are routed directly to the Approve 3rd Party Access (Approve-Deny) page at this point, you may have recently logged in and cached credentials. In this case, you may need to wait up to an hour for this to reset before trying again to access the Accuro EMR REST API login page.
  1. Verify appointment synchronization.

    • Verify your appointment synchronization with Accuro by logging in to the Ocean Portal and verifying that the patients from your booked appointments in Accuro have appeared in the Patients tab of the Ocean Portal.
    • If your patients are not appearing in the Patients tab, click the “Sync Appointments Now” button again on your OceanConnect app. Clicking this button will force OceanConnect to synchronize appointments with the Accuro appointment schedule, extracting, encrypting, and uploading patients with upcoming appointments. Once the sync is complete, you should see all your patients with upcoming appointments listed in the Patients tab of your Ocean Portal.
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