Set Up Ocean to Support Walk-In Patients*

If your clinic accepts walk-in patients, you can also set up your kiosk to check-in walk-in patients who don't have a scheduled appointment. (This feature is currently only available for PS Suite and Accuro users.)

Note: This is an optional step for kiosk set-up.

Ocean kiosks now support check-in for walk-in patients (for PS Suite and Accuro users.) To enable this feature, please follow the steps below.

  1. Enable walk-in patients in the Ocean Portal.

    PS Suite Accuro
    • Log in to the Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab.
    • Enter the "Site Features" section and check the "Accept Walk-In Patients (BETA)" checkbox.
    • If you would like Accuro to create charts for new patients that are not yet in the EMR, check of the box labeled "Allow the Ocean Kiosk to create patients in your EMR for walk-in patients."

      If this setting remains unchecked, staff will need to manually create charts for new walk-in patients and copy-and-paste their notes from the Ocean portal.
    • Save your changes.
  2. Create your walk-in provider schedule.

    PS Suite Accuro

    If you would like to define a specific walk-in schedule for use with the Ocean kiosk, you can do so by creating a new appointment schedule in Accuro.

    For details on creating additional schedules, and/or providers for walk-ins, please consult your Accuro help documentation or contact QHR Customer Support for further information.

  3. Set your walk-in provider details in Ocean.

    Cloud Connect OceanConnect
      • Click on the dropdown menu for "Walk- in Provider" and select the full name of your provider. Make sure that the name exactly matches the walk-in provider calendar's name that you previously created in the EMR.
      • Click on the dropdown menu for "Walk-In Create Appointments at" and choose between having your walk-in patients' appointments slotted into your walk-in provider's schedule close to the time at which they check-in on the kiosk (i.e. "Near Check-In Time") or at the start of your walk-in provider's day (i.e. "Beginning of Schedule"). Click "Save".

    Start accepting walk-in patients!

    • Now, if a walk-in patient checks in on the kiosk, an appointment will be created for them in the walk-in provider's schedule in the EMR. From there, you can either move the appointment to other providers' schedules or have your walk-in providers consult the new walk-in provider appointment schedule.
    • If they are an existing patient at the clinic, the appointment will be tied to their chart in the EMR.
    • If the patient is new to the clinic, they will be prompted to provide their first and last name (in addition to the usual demographic information).

To see the walk-in workflow in action on PS Suite, download the following demo:

Demo: Walk-In/Urgent Care
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