Setting Up Your Site to Receive eReferrals: At A Glance

Get started with receiving eReferrals through Ocean by reading through this handy getting started guide.

  1. Find or Add Your Site to the Ocean Healthmap
    • If your site isn't already listed on the Ocean Healthmap, you will need to create it so that eReferral senders can find your site.
  2. Claim Your Site
    • Once your site has been created on the Ocean Healthmap, you will need to claim it so that it is linked with your Ocean site.
    • Once you've claimed your site, please let us know at so that we can validate your site as a legitimate clinic for accepting patient data.
  3. Confirm Your Site & Settings
    • Once we have validated your site, log in to your Ocean Portal and navigate to the Admin tab to ensure that your directory listing is correct and that you are ready to accept eReferrals.
    • You can now start receiving eReferrals immediately.
  4. Set Up eReferral Email Site Notifications
    • Configure which email addresses receive email notifications for new or updated eReferrals and/or eRequests.
  5. Creating Canned Responses for eReferral Bookings and Messages (optional)
    • You can optionally choose to set up canned messages that can be sent to the patient in advance of their appointment and/or that can be sent to the referrer.
  6. Supporting Analytics in eReferral Forms (optional)
    • The Ocean eReferral platform provides some analytics automatically to help provide an understanding of referral patterns, decline rates, wait  times, etc. If you would like to set up your referral form to set additional analytics values now is a good time to do so.
  7. Set Up eReferrals on Your Website (optional)
    • Once you're set up to receive eReferrals, you can optionally choose to set up an eRequest link on your website to accept Ocean eReferrals from both your website and the Ocean Healthmap.
  8. Set Up Your Site to Receive Walk-In Patients (optional)
    • If you are a receiving site that accepts walk-in patients, you will want to enable the "Accept Walk-In" feature in your site.

Visit the Ocean eReferrals Network website to access downloadable resources and to learn more about Ocean eReferrals.

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