Sending eReferrals: At A Glance

Get started with sending eReferrals through Ocean by reading through this handy getting started guide.

  1. Initiate Your Ocean eReferral
    • You can access the Ocean eReferral Network from the link in your EMR (for integrated EMRs) or directly from the Ocean Healthmap to initiate your referral.
  2. Select an eReferral Site
    • Search for your desired referral site to create your eReferral.
  3. Send Your eReferral
    • Complete the eRequisition form and send your referral off to the referral site.
  4. View & Track Your eReferral
    • You will receive email notifications about the status of your referral(s).
    • From there, you can view and track the status of your referral from within your EMR and/or the eRequests tab of the Ocean Portal.
Visit the Ocean eReferral Network website to access downloadable resources and to learn more about Ocean eReferral Network. 
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