Patient Reminders Features

Patient Reminders allow you to automatically notify your patients of upcoming appointments and optionally complete forms or view a secure message.

Prerequisites for Getting Started

Before configuring your Patient Reminders, please ensure the following:

  • At the moment, Patient Reminders is supported for Accuro, PS Suite, Med Access EMR integrations only.
  • Users must have a Patient Messages and Reminders License or an Ocean Unlimited Bundle for Patient Messages to use Patient Reminders. For more information about these licenses, please contact us with your request and site number at

Once your license has been enabled, you will be able to configure Patient Reminders for your site. In the Ocean Portal, click Admin tab and then select "Patient Reminders" from the menu along the left. You will see a screen similar to the screenshot below.

1 Enable Configuration
If checked, the system will begin sending out Patient Reminders on schedule.
2 Enable Appointment Confirmation
If checked, patients can confirm their upcoming appointments through the secure message area of their reminders. For more info see: Enabling Appointment Confirmation from Patient Reminders
3 Enable Test Mode
If checked, the system will send Patient Reminders on schedule, but using a designated (test) email address. This allows you to test your Patient Reminder settings for a period of time without emailing actual patients.
4 Reminder Time of Day
The time of day at which you wish to send your patients their appointment reminders.
5 Send _ day(s) __ appointment
The number of days before or after the appointment date that the reminder will be sent.
6 Force Send
This allows you to send the reminder immediately (usually for test purposes or last-minute appointments).
7 Delete
This deletes the form reminder.
8 Reminder Template (blue menu icon)
This opens a configuration window to select the email template that will be used to email the patient. The email template has full support for Ocean Keywords, such as patient name, etc. [weblink] represents the link that the patient can click to complete any eForms needed prior to the appointment using the standard Ocean patient eForm queue. Any eForms added via the template can also be filled out using the tablet when the patient arrives, even if the patient does not use the link ahead of time.
9 Save Changes
If you make any changes to these settings, ensure that you save your changes before leaving this page.
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