Allowing Access to an Ocean Study from a Website

Ocean supports public online questionnaires for any study. This is particularly useful for things like patient experience surveys.

  • To enable this, log in to the Ocean Portal. Click "Menu" in the top left corner and select "Studies".  
  • Click "Allow online submissions for this study using a public URL" in the configuration panel for the study. This will display a URL that you can add to your website.

There is no additional cost to creating and using a public URL. However, normal study submission fees will apply, depending on the study tier (i.e. the same as if an Ocean Tablet was used).

A few notes to consider:

If a patient completes a study survey via your website, the data in the export will have a submission source of "Public Online Questionnaire" so you will know that it came from your website link.

Form memory and participant keys will be disabled for public online questionnaires since the patient is truly anonymous (i.e. the last name, birthdate, HN and sex is not known as it might be for a web questionnaire or tablet), so Ocean will not "remember" that a particular patient has completed a form for use in tablet rules or form scripts.

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