Can a clinician review and add notes to a referral/Website form submission?

When you view a submission from a Website form, the Advanced Referral Management module allows you to assign the referral for review by a physician who can add triage notes. For example, imaging clinics will often assign a referral to a radiologist for a preliminary review and prioritization.

  • If the referral requires review by another user at your site, use the Needs Review text box to select the individual and notify them.
  • Note: This action will move the submission to your Needs Review inbox.
  • To add triaging review notes to the referral, you can use an Ocean form using the "Review" option, found under the call out in the "Notes" section.
  • A window will appear with a customizable form, specifically the form in the site with the reference "referralNotes". If you want to use a different form, simply edit that form (don't duplicate it since that would use a different reference).


  • You can edit the "referralNotes" form by entering this into your address bar after logging in:
  • Copy Link
  • Where #### is your Ocean site number.
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