PS Suite: Updating the Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP) with Patient Survey Responses

Updating the cumulative patient profile (CPP) is problematic for three reasons:

  1. Patients often provide incorrect information (e.g. spell a drug name wrong, wrong dosage, inaccurate condition diagnosis, etc.).
  2. CPP fields often contain information already, meaning that decisions need to be made about merging updates (e.g. how does a system automatically merge "chf:father" and "F:chf age dx80").
  3. The CPP fields are often treated somewhat canonically by staff, so updates must be reviewed carefully.

As a result, we mostly protect the CPP from patient updates. We recommend colour formatting of answers that indicate a CPP update should be considered (e.g. highlight if a patient's mother had breast cancer, so that a clinician can easily spot necessary CPP updates and apply them if appropriate).


That being said, there are some things that you can do in Ocean using the PS Suite CPP:

  • All demographic fields update automatically (e.g. address, phone, email, etc.). You can do this either with the standard demographic review screen or with special "EMRFields" that indicate a custom field should update a demographic field.
  • You can display CPP fields in forms. As an example, try the Medication Reconciliation eForm.
  • You can drive tablet rules off of problem lists.

    For example, here's one to drive the Canadian Lung Health Test for non-diagnosed 40+ year olds COPD once a year:

    !ScriptUtil.getKeyword('@ptHas.copd').equals('Y') && pt.getAge() > 40 && daysSinceLastCompleted >= 365
    Copy Rule
  • You can also automatically update smoking status and drinks per week by tagging eForm items with the corresponding new EMRFields in the eForm editor, For example, if you have a question like "Do you smoke currently?", set the EMRField to "smoker" and it will update the risk factor automatically.
  • You can have the Ocean eForm trigger the automatic insertion of a PS Suite custom form or an EA. The PS Suite custom form can then update the CPP and even send messages. See this article for more information.
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