Importing eRequests from the Ocean Portal to an EMR

We currently support eRequest imports for TELUS PS SuiteMed Access, OSCAR, and QHR Accuro. If you are not using either of these EMRs, many clinics still use eRequests without an EMR integration, as you also have the option to export eRequests to a spreadsheet or as a PDF at any time.

PS Suite or OSCAR Med Access Accuro Other EMR
  • Once you've recieved an eRequest, check to see if there is an existing patient chart in the EMR. If the patient does not exist, you must manually create a patient stub with First Name,Last Name, Date of Birth, and Health Number so the eRequest can be imported. If the patient already exists, you can proceed to import the eRequest.
  • Back in the Ocean Portal, open the eRequest tab and find the eRequest you want to import. It will normally be in the "New" folder.
  • Open the eRequest you want to import and click "Accept".
  • It will show a (usually 3-digit) patient reference number:
  • On the toolbar in PS Suite or OSCAR, click "Import" and enter this number. The demographic updates will be applied and the eRequest note will be imported as a progress note by Ocean.
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